Lights, Camera, Play


Katelyn Viray, EIC

The crew of Murder on the Nile from this year.

Getting your name out there can be exciting but also scary. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get yourself from the bottom to the top. Everyone needs to start somewhere. Andrew 

Alegre, a Senior in La Joya Community High School, has a passion for theatre and decided to take the next step to audition for ADMA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy). ADMA is a performing arts school who recruit people who see passion and potential to theatre. Andrew was very excited but also nervous to audition somewhere other than the stages on the PACK.

Winners from the Lip Sync Battle coming back from the assembly.

“Before my audition I was more excited than nervous since it was my first professional one. Then after I had finished it, I felt like I was making a huge step in my life to pursue my dreams” said Senior Andrew Alegre. Acting for him was an escape from the reality of the world. Being a character, made him believe he was someone else. Tearing out his emotions conveys his passion for theatre.

Theatre group all together as a family.

Theatre has helped Andrew in a way with being more social with others and truly finding himself along the road of high school. “The fact that I go into theatre class everyday makes me so excited to learn more and more things I never knew. My advice to anyone who is debating on whether to join theatre is be yourself” said Senior Andrew Alegre.