6-year-old Thrown Off London Tate Art Gallery

6-year-old Thrown Off London Tate Art Gallery

Elysia Casillas, Video Editor in Chief

LONDON- Monday, August 5th, the Washington Post and the New York Times both well-known news stations; published an article titled “UK Authorities charge teen after 6-year-old thrown from Tate.”

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A 6-year-old visiting the London Tate Modern Art Gallery was with his family from France, on Sunday, August 4th and was thrown out of the fifth story floor. Reports say that he fell 211 feet and when admitted to a hospital, he had bleeding on his brain and had fractured his spine, legs, and arms. So far there seems to be no connection between the victim and the suspect.

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Prosecutor Sian Morgan said the younger boy walked a couple of feet away from his parents when he was picked up and thrown over the edge of the viewing gallery in an action that was “carried extremely swiftly and in one moment,” said Washington Post.

Washington Posts’ main eye witnessed, Nancy Barnfield, was there at the time of the incident with her two sons. She said that she remembered catching the suspect, who she described as 17 years old, staring at her and her sons before the incident.

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CNN also covered a similar story during April in Minnesota, when a 5-year-old boy was thrown off the third-floor bakery at the Mall of America. “The suspect was apprehended, tried and sentenced 19 years in June, for an attempt at murder” He told CNN that he had intentions to murder an adult but “it did not work out”.

The incidents were unfortunate, but it could also be an eye-opener to parents when they take their children to public places, to be extra aware of the people in their surroundings.