The Marines: Who Are They and How To Contact A Recruiter


Avondale- In the world today there are many students who go through high school and they have no idea what they want to do. either I don’t want to sit through another four years of school or they don’t have enough money for school or just that’s not what they want to do. Well  there is a solution for them the military specifically the Marines. The Marines are one of the  five branches of the US Military.

”The Marines are also one of the most elite fighting forces in the US Military.” Said Staff Sergeant Martin

 Becoming a Marine is hard but they have people to help you get ready for  boot camp and give you the tools to succeed. These people are the Marine recruiters. each school has a marine recruiter Marine Recruiters are the Marines that come and have a table set up either in your cafeteria or gym or wherever they go to your school and they hand out pamphlets sometimes they’llbring a pull-up bar and have a little contest and give you like a backpack or something if you do a certain amount of Pull-Ups this is all the get you interested in the Marines.

“Our goal is to try to recruit potential candidates for the marines and help them so they can succeed in their future.” Said Staff Sergeant Brian Newsom.

 The recruiters do morethan that they have to do paperwork for you and in order to go they have to call and get as many appointments as they can to try to get others to go. Recruiters are super easy to contact. You can either one go to your local guidance office in your school Email your counselor  or you can even look on Instagram or social mediabecause recruiting stations all have social media. 

“If you are in the Tolleson school District your recruiting station would be West Phoenix Marines on Instagram” said Gunnery Sergeant Leal.

If you feel like the Marines is something you would like to do contact your local recruiter.