Why Single People Hate Valentines Day

Why Single People Hate Valentines Day

Isaac Taylor, Staff

Valentines Day is a holiday that was originally about love and showing people you care but over time it evolved into a holiday centered around couples. On valentines day couples basically blast each other on socials and they have each other to love and that is exactly why single people hate valentines day.

“I don’t like Valentines Day because of everything it stands for because I really don’t understand it” Said Sophomore Xavier Vasquez

Singles people hate valentines for many reasons but the most obvious one is that it makes them even more lonely than they already feel and they don’t like the fact that theres a holiday that people post appreciations of their significant other and what they got them making the singles feel even more lonely than they already do so in turn that causes them to hate Valentines day.

“Valentines Day sucks because I always feel even more lonely sucks to be around some of my friends because they are all lovey dovey and I always feel even more lonely” Said Junior Piper Rivera

Another reason single people hate Valentines Day is because its honestly overrated in their eyes they don’t see why thee is a straight up holiday where you show your significant other that you love them and treat them amazing on that day. Like if you’re in a relationship shouldn’t everyday be like that, and thats what they dont understand.

“I don’t really understand Valentines Day like whats the point of the holiday that says love them on this day when you should love them everyday” Said Senior Gigi Contreras

So in all honesty they don’t like it because in their eyes its an overrated holiday they honestly just don’t understand.