How many Lobos have feelings of anxiety?


Natalia Deciga Nunez, Staff

From a recent survey done at La Joya, it’s been revealed that 59 percent of the Lobos that participated suffer with feelings of anxiety.

What exactly is anxiety? Anxiety is the feeling of uneasiness, nervousness, and worry. Anxiety typically occurs before a significant event or may stem from not knowing the outcome of something. Anxiety can cause significant distress to the point of missing school, work, or other important events. Anxiety hinders people from living their lives comfortably.

La Joya Community High School students had the opportunity to participate in a survey about their experiences with anxiety. The responses may be shocking to parents and staff. 59% of students said they had some sort of feelings of anxiety.

With the piles of work received, social pressures, and the harsh expectations from parents, anxiety has negatively affected the students of La Joya in multiple ways. With anxiety rates doubling after the pandemic, poor school performance is a common result.

“Sometimes it prevents me from being at my very best” Wrote an anonymous Lobo.

“Grades are always bad, I can’t ask for help, I can’t participate or speak,” Said another student.

Anxiety can also cause the sufferer to withdraw from their family, friends, and activities. Stopping them from doing the things they love. They fall out of their routines, and it could be hard to get back into.

“My anxiety unfortunately restricts me from doing a lot of things. This can range from doing extra-curriculars or simply hanging out with friends outside of school” A student wrote.

Spending time with others is an important part of staying mentally healthy, without these interactions the isolation can lead to depression and make anxiety worse.

Anxiety prevents people from doing simple things like speaking in class or even coming to school. The survey also shows that 30% of students have troubles coming or staying at school. Building the courage to come to school every day can be hard and draining for these students.

“I skip school because I feel like there’s too much that’s going on and I get overwhelmed”

“I cry and leave school a lot” Wrote another student.