Sports, Sports, Sports…Where’s the Art?

Sports, Sports, Sports...Where's the Art?

Aysia Johnson, Staff

In many different schools the so to speak stereotype is that sports are more emphasized and invested in more than the fine arts. It’s vital  to get to the bottom of the reason and get some of the student body’s opinion.

Went to interview two students and these two students have different perspectives on the matter. One is an artist and one plays football for the school’s varsity football team. the question for them is; why do you feel sports are being emphasized and funded more than art and do you think that should change?download (2)

Maliyah Williams a student who sang the national anthem for the first assembly said, “I feel that art isn’t funded more than sports because there is a complexity that people aren’t willing to indulge in, and I feel it’s more a patriarch vs. matriarch, where there’s dudes who like sports and in our patriarchal society, people are used to funding the men”. Maliyah’s response helps us to think about other issues within schools which are genders and that role.images

The next student that was interviewed is Aaron Murphy, number 30 on the varsity football for La Joya, Aaron said “I feel that sports are getting funded more than the arts department because more people join sports and more people play sports than the arts”. This made sense but didn’t go into depth so I asked him if he thought that arts should be funded more in the future, Aaron said “No,  because you can train someone to be good at a sport better than you can train someone acting, drawing , or singing”.

Both of the responses from both sides helped understand why this sort of stereotype exists and why it exists in the first place and it helps see that most students don’t think to ask why. What other stereotypes are we ignoring?