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Fight Cravings this Holiday Season

The most beautiful time of the year is right around the corner but what does that mean for everyone who can’t contain themselves when a holiday dinner is placed in front of them? These last few months of the year are the most difficult when it comes to weight control. Everyone including myself is guilty of saying

“Oh I can pig out because my New Year’s resolution will be to shed these extra pounds off”

It is way easier to gain those extra pounds than to lose them, so why not try and control the portions of food eaten now and not have to worry about them when the new year rolls around. Down below are five tips that are sure to help with those nagging cravings that appear during the holiday season.

1.) Make sure to eat as if it were a normal day – A lot of people starve themselves the entire day in order to eat as much as possible at night. Eating one huge meal a day will actually cause weight gain. Instead of going with that method try eating your normal meals with snacks in-between and that will cause you to be a bit full when it’s time for dinner and surely you won’t go beast mode on your Granny’s Dinner.


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