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Jazmine Page, Staff

Growing up is complicated, it’s difficult, it’s confusing and sometimes hard for adults to understand. Thousands upon thousands of teens are facing daily struggles from school, parents, relationships and peers.

Have you ever felt like no one was there for you? Or did you ever feel empty? Well there is a lot of people who are there for you. Many people can relate to your situations; do not feel alone. There are trusted adults (teachers, social worker, and counselor), friends and family members there to help you out at any given time.

No one should feel like this at any time, this is where Teen Lifeline comes in handy. They are not there to judge you or laugh, not even criticize or punish, but to help one another. You can also talk to someone of your own age, where they just listen, understand the situation and try to help find solutions to whatever is happening in life.

“The peer counselors at Teen Lifeline made me feel safe and secure, something that I hadn’t felt in years. After months had passed, and many phone calls to Teen Lifeline later, I was truly stable for the first time in ages. I was active and able to function like a normal teenager should, and looking back, I wouldn’t have done it any differently. Teen Lifeline saved me.” – Quote from an actual caller.

If you feel like giving up, please don’t! There is hope. Call the Teen Lifeline at (602)-248-8336 (TEEN). It is available 24/7, YOU’RE NOT ALONE!