Eye of the Lobo

Martine Tapia
Martine is a senior at La Joya High School in Avondale, AZ. He is in his second year in Digital Media. He is a disabled student, and being part of Digital Media has helped him become more independent. He is still undecided if he wants to pursue a career that involves journalism but he has developed better speaking skills from the class. He’s always had trouble speaking with new people, and this class has pushed him past that fear. Being part of a media class has helped him speak in front of people without being afraid anymore. He does not let his disability get in his way, and in fact, hopes to change society's perception of the disabled. His current favorite classes he’s part of are Advanced Media and AP Government. After high school, Martine is strongly passionate about pursuing his dream of becoming a motivational speaker. 

Martine Tapia, Staff

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School