Eye of the Lobo

Karina Perez
Karina Perez is currently a sophomore at La Joya High school, who enjoys taking photos of memorable moments and enjoys learning about the human body. Karina’s skills include taking photos and editing videos. She has worked in digital media for a year, and is currently in yearbook for the rest of 2018-2019, she hopes to be in yearbook till her senior year. She aims to be a neurologist and strives to improve her writing and social skills with people around her, to do this Karina plans on going out of her comfort box and speaking up. She also wishes to be able to photograph the fine arts and take photos of people making a change or difference in our economy. Karina strives to be the best she can be by taking every chance that is throw at her, that including what she wants to do after school; it may a difficult journey but she will get there.

Karina Perez , Staff

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Karina Perez