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Melanie Gaxiola
Melanie Gaxiola is a transfer from South Ridge and now a senior attending La Joya Community High School. She has had many accomplishments throughout her middle school and high school years, including being awarded first place at the South Ridge talent show as a freshman and being a part of the “Arts Night” committee at her previous high school.  Melanie is a very artistic person who loves to read, write, sing, and use social media such as Instagram. She is also involved in the Feminist club here at school. Melanie is interested in journalism because she loves to write and feels that journalism will give her the opportunity to become a better writer and will allow her to get the real information out to the public. Melanie hopes to graduate from a university and to soon be able to travel the world while pursuing the art of journalism.

Melanie Gaxiola, Staff

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Melanie Gaxiola