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The Future of Avondale

September 7, 2016


This year has been nothing but changes around Avondale, with renovations in Friendship Park to a new plaza on McDowell, and new directory signs. Avondale is in a state of change for the better.

With new businesses being built comes new jobs, new hangouts for teens, and new food to try. In a recent interview with Chief Building Official Brett Harris, CBO he said “East from Main Event business such as Sportsman Warehouse, Vision Works, Habit Burger Grill, Blaze Pizza, Potbelly Sandwich Shop, Cafe Zuppas. Most of these businesses will be open this October.”

Avondale as we know is such a small town and most of the Residents are surprised that these big named business are even here.


In a¬†recent interview with Senior Planner Ken Galica, he said “most of these businesses chose to be here in Avondale, and we go through steps to see if they are able to be here.”

Some cities like Avondale and Goodyear try to see eye to eye to find good visions for the their residents. Along McDowell Rd. you will see many businesses that are our long time favorites or some new favorites that you will try when they open in the near future.

As a resident here make sure the City of Avondale hears your voice. They are always open for suggestions for what you want to see around town.
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