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Animation season

Animation season

Aaron Platt, Staff September 26, 2021

With September rolling around, more and more animation companies are making more and more Animes. With Anime getting so popular at the moment due to Covid, there would be no wonder why the animation quality...

Picture of coffee in a mug.

Is coffee necessary?

Jazlynn Garcia, Staff September 26, 2021

Coffee is very beneificial for many people. Teachers here at La Joya Community High School, Ms. Gaucin and Ms. Malmos, give their point of view on drinking coffee and how it affects them and the benefits...

There is a laptop with a enter code for zoom meeting on the screen.

The affect Covid-19 has had on performing arts classes

Read about how Covid-19 has had an effect on the Theatre program at La Joya Community High School.
Megan Arvizo , Staff September 22, 2021

Katie Ludlow the theatre teacher at La Joya Community High School talks about how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted her theatre program and how she felt during the time of online school last year.  An...

camera feature image to photography article

Do You Have A Camera, Let Me Show You How To Use It….

Elijah Zapien, Staff September 20, 2021

Many People Want To Be A Photographer But Don't Know Where To Start... Appendix Photography is one of many things that can be easy to some, but difficult for others Hello, I'm Elijah Zapien. Joining...

this man is about to start running.

INTERVIEWING: The Hardest Working Man Alive…

Elijah Zapien September 20, 2021

"I COME FROM A FAMILY THAT HAD NOTHING, FROM PLAYING WITH ROCKS AND THROWING MUD" Appendix Interview with Jacob Rivera Sr on August 20, 2021. This interview was conducted in person. Today I sit...

How the pros come into play

Aaron Platt, Staff August 30, 2021

Many people play video games, its a fact. Some may have been playing for only a couple of months while many others have been playing for years on end, but one thing we have in common is the fact that our...

A row of empty Movie Theatre seats

Movies to Look Forward to Before the End of 2021

3 Movies You Can Expect to See Before 2021 Ends
Megan Arvizo , Staff August 27, 2021

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there have been many setbacks to many different things, including releases of movies. Here are some of the movies that have been affected by the pandemic, but you can expect...

Tv turn on to Netflix in the background

Streaming Services Taking Over the Television

Streaming Services Usage Rising, Cable on the Rocks
Ricardo Vazquez, Staff August 26, 2021

Streaming services have been taking over regular broadcasting/ cable, in the U.S in recent years.  The popularity and acceptability are easy to get people into streaming over cable. The numbers for...

My Final Goodbye

My Final Goodbye

Thomas , Newspaper Editor May 19, 2021

Hello, my name is Thomas Goodall and this is my final article for La Joya Link. I've been with the program for all 4 years of high school. I started out doing videos for the Intro to Digital Media...


Edwin Segura Rivera, staff May 19, 2021

Hey there today I will be breaking down the top 3 list for best the best movies for 2021 so lets get too it starting at number 3 spot we have space jam featuring LeBron  James teams up with the Looney...

3 Upcoming Movies to Watch in May

3 Upcoming Movies to Watch in May

Dominique Sahuaqui Sanchez, Staff May 17, 2021

Get prepared for a summer filled with movies. However, it begins with the stellar May lineup. In the coming days be prepared for a library of movies to be released in theaters and those that you can watch...

most classic item on the menu.

The Top 5 Best Highschool Foods!

The best highschool food items.
Shane Waisner, Staff May 17, 2021

Highschool can be a source of lunch and breakfast for a lot of people. Highschool could be the only place that they get lunch, so ill let you know which foods to look out for. These hidden gems of the...

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