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Travis Scott to Drop “Utopia” Album Soon!

Stephen Buchanan, Video Editor In-Chief March 30, 2021

Several sources like Complex, XXLMagazine, and even Sony confirm that Travis Scott plans to drop his self-admitted favorite project "Utopia" very soon! To verify this even more, Travis Scott went...

8 Special Days of March

8 Special Days of March

Mario Leyva, Staff March 29, 2021

On March 2nd, it is World Teen Wellness Day and Dr. Seuss Day. This day is to bring attention to the mental health issues of teens. People help and provide resources for teens to get over their mental...

History of The Leprechaun

History of The Leprechaun

Maryah Carrasco, Staff March 22, 2021

The leprechaun has always been associated with the holiday St. Patrick's Day but have you ever found yourself wondering why? Where does it come from? What is a leprechaun? Well, all of these questions...

Tiger Woods In A Car Accident!

February 26, 2021

Tuesday morning on February 23rd, Tiger Woods was involved in a single car accident that included several rollovers. According to an interview with Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva and...

Why Single People Hate Valentines Day

Why Single People Hate Valentines Day

Isaac Taylor, Staff February 24, 2021

Valentines Day is a holiday that was originally about love and showing people you care but over time it evolved into a holiday centered around couples. On valentines day couples basically blast each other...

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 101

Maryah Carrasco, Staff February 19, 2021

Have you ever found yourself lost wondering what to get that special someone? Or just feeling unsure about your gift? Well no worries just keep on reading to get an idea of what to get. I feel that during...

What a Mechanical Keyboard?

What a Mechanical Keyboard?

Sergio Ramos, Staff December 16, 2020

Let’s talk keyboards they come in two main types mechanical and membrane. A mechanical keyboard uses a press down switch that pushes the metal connectors together to activate the key. A membrane...

What to be Thankful for

Anthony Calva, Staff December 7, 2020

Today I show the meaning of being thankful. As you know, being thankful is an emotion that shows you really care and being thankful for your friends or families. You can think about what to be thankful...

Skater XL Review

Roman Sierra Rafael, Staff December 7, 2020

Skater XL is a grounded simulation of skateboarding. It is nothing like the Tony Hawk games where you can pull off a 100 trick combo. The game has a more serious and realistic view of the sport. The game...

Talking Tunes with A.L.J.

Stephen Buchanan, Video Editor In-Chief November 16, 2020

                In October, I was able to interview a music producer called A.L.J Musik who gave me a lot of tips and a peek as to how...

A streaming service that is widely available.


Netflix is a great streaming service!
Anthony Calva, Staff October 8, 2020

Top 10 Movies on Netflix 10. The Croods 9. The Smurfs 2 8. The Social Dilemma 7. Real Steel 6. Yogi Bear 5. Bad Teacher 4. Welcome To Sudden Death 3. Enola Holmes 2. The Outpost 1....

Ways to stay safe at school.

Keep everyone around you safe while at school.
Mario Leyva, Staff October 5, 2020

Many people are wondering how it will be safe in schools as we return back on campus.  Masks, hand sanitizer, washing hands before eating, six feet apart, and don't share food. All of these topics have...

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