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My Final Goodbye

My Final Goodbye

Thomas , Newspaper Editor May 19, 2021

Hello, my name is Thomas Goodall and this is my final article for La Joya Link. I've been with the program for all 4 years of high school. I started out doing videos for the Intro to Digital Media...

most classic item on the menu.

The Top 5 Best Highschool Foods!

The best highschool food items.
Shane Waisner, Staff May 17, 2021

Highschool can be a source of lunch and breakfast for a lot of people. Highschool could be the only place that they get lunch, so ill let you know which foods to look out for. These hidden gems of the...

Subnautica Review

Subnautica Review

Roman Sierra Rafael, Staff April 23, 2021

Subnautica is a survival game developed & published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. The game's story consists of the player being stranded in an ocean planet called "Planet 4546B", after their spaceship,...

The End of The School Year Are Seniors Ready For The Next Step

The End of The School Year Are Seniors Ready For The Next Step

Isaac Taylor, Staff April 23, 2021

Avondale- There always comes the time when seniors have to leave the nest and go out in to the huge world, for 2021 seniors at La Joya Community High School that time has come. It has truly been a bumpy...

a clean room will provide clarity and a feeling of relief.

How to get out of a Rut!

A few ways to get out of a mental or physical rut.
Shane Waisner, Photo Editor April 22, 2021

Being in a rut means that you dont know how to get out of the same habit of everyday life. To try and to get out of a rut, you have to switch up and clean up your life. By switching up your routine and...

remember it's just another day.

How to treat yourself during the valentines season

Valentines Day for yourself!!!!
Shane Waisner, Staff February 23, 2021

Valentines day, when single, can be one of the most annoying times. Here are some ways to treat yourself during a day of love. Treating yourself can happen in the simplest of ways. If you have a...

3 Movies to Watch on Valentines Day

These 3 movies are really fun to watch on Valentines Day!!!
Dominique Sahuaqui Sanchez, Staff February 17, 2021

It's February! This means it is the shortest month and the month of love. Which is what I had in mind when I put these movies together. Below are some of the recommendations I have for you to watch on...

How to Make Red Velvet Cupcakes

The perfect treat for your Valentine's Day cravings.
Hailey Jimenez, Staff February 17, 2021

Valentine’s day is right around the corner. Red velvet cupcakes are the perfect treat to celebrate the holiday of love. This recipe makes soft and moist cupcakes, balanced with a sweet cream cheese frosting. Ingredients...

Martin luther king

Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Jr
Yadira Romero Garcia, Staff January 29, 2021

Martin Luther King Jr Day is a Federal holiday in the United States Marking as Martin Luther King birthday. It is observed on the third Monday of January each year. But not all people know who Martin...

The Marines: A Little Insight

The Marines: A Little Insight

Isaac Taylor, Staff January 27, 2021

Avondale- The Marines are just one of the 5 branches of the military and they're also the most elite and hardest to join. The United States Marine Corps was created on November 10 1775 to serve as as a...

Game Awards 2020 and What That Brought To Light!

The Game Awards chose who? for what?
Shane Waisner, editor December 15, 2020

Did you know the Game Awards were on December 10th? Well in case you missed it here are a few of the winners and their categories. The Last of Us Two, a sequel to a zombie survival story game, won the...

We Need Your Help

How to Make This Year's Yearbook Amazing
Elysia Casillas, Yearbook Editor December 14, 2020

BUCKEYE - This year has been, and continues to be, challenging for all types of students, athletes, club members, and academic achievers. But the students who have to think more out of the box, are yearbook...

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