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Orange, Story of The Butterfly Effect

“Orange”, Story of The Butterfly Effect

Natalia Deciga Nunez, Staff December 12, 2021

The butterfly effect, or chaos theory is the idea that a small change/action can cause a huge difference in a later state. Through the manga Orange, writer and illustrator Ichigo Takano showcases what...

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop Is Back

Cowboy Cepop is Back After 23 Years
Ricardo Vazquez, Staff December 10, 2021

Entertainment can take many forms, whether it's movies, books, or tv shows, after so many years those forms of older entertainment can either stand the test of time, gets shelved forever, or get revived...

Candle on fire.

Are Candles A Big Part Of The November Season..?

Elijah Zapien, Staff December 9, 2021

Are Candles a Big Part of The November Season...? Are Candles a Big Part of the November Season...? Hello, I'm Elijah Zapien Here with me today is Anonymous... Thank you, Anonymous for joining us...

Eye Of The Spirt Halloween

Eye Of The Spirt Halloween

Laylana Vazquez, Staff November 8, 2021

Its official its that one day of the year October 31st! Its the time of year where you get to dress up as anything for the spooky month. You knw what that means. It means workers at the Spirt Halloween...

A plastic pumpkin with an orange background behind it

Movies for the Spooky Season

Take a seat and enjoy these movies
Ricardo Vazquez, Staff October 29, 2021

Hey Lobos, it's that time of the year again where the spookiest and the scariest movies come on your screen and into your eyeballs for you to remember to the end of time, it can be challenging to look...

Picture of coffee in a mug.

Is coffee necessary?

Jazlynn Garcia, Staff September 26, 2021

Coffee is very beneificial for many people. Teachers here at La Joya Community High School, Ms. Gaucin and Ms. Malmos, give their point of view on drinking coffee and how it affects them and the benefits...

A row of empty Movie Theatre seats

Movies to Look Forward to Before the End of 2021

3 Movies You Can Expect to See Before 2021 Ends
Megan Arvizo , Staff August 27, 2021

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there have been many setbacks to many different things, including releases of movies. Here are some of the movies that have been affected by the pandemic, but you can expect...


Edwin Segura Rivera, staff May 19, 2021

Hey there today I will be breaking down the top 3 list for best the best movies for 2021 so lets get too it starting at number 3 spot we have space jam featuring LeBron  James teams up with the Looney...

3 Upcoming Movies to Watch in May

3 Upcoming Movies to Watch in May

Dominique Sahuaqui Sanchez, Staff May 17, 2021

Get prepared for a summer filled with movies. However, it begins with the stellar May lineup. In the coming days be prepared for a library of movies to be released in theaters and those that you can watch...

Nier Replicant Review

Nier Replicant Review

Nier Replicant, the latest Nier game to came out on April 22nd of this year is overall an amazing game but has one big catch.
James David Curtis, Staff May 17, 2021

By 2021 standards this game is considered to move quite slow. Nier Replicant is a remake of the very first game to the series: Nier. This game has received criticization from harsher reviewers due to its...

Kerbal Space Program, To The Stars

Kerbal Space Program, To The Stars

Build your rocket and fly to space
Sergio Ramos, Staff May 17, 2021

  Kerbal space program is a simulation game where you are creating your own rockets to advance the space program of an alien race called Kerbans to get them to reach the stars. Their are a couple...

Need for Speed Rivals

Need for Speed Rivals

A fun racing game between cop versus racer
Roman Sierra Rafael, Staff May 17, 2021

Need for Speed Rivals is a racing game developed by Ghost Games and Criterion Games, and published by Electronic Arts (EA). The game covers the notorious "cop versus racer" aspect of the Need for Speed...

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