Equality In Our Lobo Nation


The “group system” is a way that students have broken themselves up with similar interests. Due to these groups is everyone equal and treated the same? Are some groups more superior than others?          

It is easily agreed upon that students have broken up into a little “grouping system”, for better or for worse. With division in the school it mostly occurs with the leveling of ability of work, such as the Advance Placement, special needs, and the average students. Yet, there are other students, and or, groups such as the athletes, the LGBT community, black community, and of course the upperclassmen.


Since these groups have been made and gone their own ways, have some groups become more superior than others?

“Everything has changed,” Varsity runner on La Joya Cross Country team and Pre-AP student, Michael Rubio. “In middle school some groups were more superior than others, well that’s what they thought,” he jokes. “But now that we are in high school everything has leveled out.”

Since students have leveled out the playing field, and changed, is everyone equal? What does equality mean?

Equality is something that separates history from the present. Rights to all. Fair treatment to all.

“Equality is used to make us feel equal, even though some are feeling less than others because of their ranking in the community.” says Pre-AP student, Eve Kasem. 

With equality comes treatment, and with treatment comes privileges. School is a place of connecting and learning, through extracurricular activities and relationships between students and staff.

Freshman and Jr Varsity Volleyball player, Arianna Conley, informs that students at school are treated with respect, given support, and allowed their rights.

Everyone, in their own way, is equal. Just because the differences are there, it doesn’t give anyone the right to treat anyone else poorly or better. In the Lobo Nation everyone is treated equally and fairly because we are a pack and pack members stick together.

For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack. -Rudyard Kipling img_20160930_165648

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