Eye of the Lobo

La Joya Community High School-Home of the Fighting Lobos

Heather Eaton, Advisor

November 8, 2017

La Joya Community High School is home to the Fighting Lobos and serves approximately 2300 students. Here at La Joya, we feel that each individual is an important piece of our pack; therefore, great care is spent cultivating a learning environment that produces self-directed learners who are valuable, cont...

Shhh… It’s a secret

Thing 1 and thing 2

Liliana Sanchez

October 11, 2015

Spirit week is a fun week dedicated to students to dress up and show school spirit, but did you know that teachers have a secret spirit week all to themselves. Teachers want to show school spirit as well, but no one knows about it because it is a secret. Their spirit week was a week after homecoming...

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School
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