Seniors Guide to College

September 5, 2016

As senior year has begun it is important for all of us to look at the possible options for our future, whether it is trade school, a job, or college. For many, college is the only option available in order to start our journey on the path towards accomplishing our goal’s in life.

There is always a person or an event that drives one to want to attend college such as Geovanny Devian who said,

“My dad, he’s always made it a requirement for me to go to college, since he’s an immigrant, he wants me to not live the life he lived as a kid”.

So let’s say you have

your future planned out, you know what you want to do but you still have a few questions lingering like, “How do I start? What are the options available? And Which college suits me the best?” Here I’ve gathered up a list of everything you need to know/do before Freshman year of College rolls around.


1.)  Narrow down your career path

  • Once you have chosen what field you want, everything else becomes simpler, although it is okay to start college undecided. If you’re someone who is completely clueless on what you want to do, try this quiz to help give you an idea :


2.) Figure out which school s

uits you best

  • It could be a university or maybe a community college, figure out which one suits you best. Down below are links that will take you to in state school applications.


3.)Take SAT/ACT

4.) Gather all of the necessary paper work

  • That means dig for your Birth certificate, Social security, and do not forget to ask your school’s office for a copy of your  transcript


5.) File for FAFSA/ Apply to Scholarships


Hopefully, this list helps you out with what you need to do in order to prepare before these upcoming months. College may not be for everyone but it is a great step towards what you aspire to be in the future.



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