Eye of the Lobo

Picture of coffee in a mug.

Is coffee necessary?

Jazlynn Garcia, Staff September 26, 2021

Coffee is very beneificial for many people. Teachers here at La Joya Community High School, Ms. Gaucin and Ms. Malmos, give their point of view on drinking coffee and how it affects them and the benefits...

A day to remember

Cristina Torres Pineda , staff September 26, 2021

Homecoming formal is just around the corner we had to push the day of homecoming back because as you guys know corona numbers are starting to rise again. Which is why it’s recommended to wear your masks...

White and Colored hand interlocking fingers

Feminism: Why it is Important

Joshua Pyle, Staff September 26, 2021

Have you ever thought about the reality behind feminism and how it is being represented in your community? Today I am here with Miss Malmos and Mr. Callaway who are both teachers at La Joya Community High...

Some of the many students at La Joya.

How Returning to in-Person School has Helped Students & Teachers

Ashley Morales, Staff September 26, 2021

Students and teachers when asked their opinion about online learning will mostly give you the same response. Online learning for many, was an experience that gave us all a lot to think about and it is...

A young girl wanting to leave her house but cant cause of Covid

Covid VS The World

Covid affecting teens
Cristina Torres Pineda , staff September 21, 2021

Could corona be taking over teens lives around the world? that's a question everyone wants an answer for. Let’s start off with that the Covid-19 has affected a lot of people around the world but what...

A black and white image of someones hands typing on a keyboard.

The Weight of AP Classes

Are they worth the stress?
Hailey Jimenez, Editor September 17, 2021

AP classes hold a lot of benefits for those whom take these courses. However, the work load of these classes is tough to manage for many students. AP students juggle hours of homework added to their daily...

Sports and How They Can Impact Teens

Sports and How They Can Impact Teens

Arleth Dominguez, Staff August 31, 2021

Do you think sports have impact on teens nowadays?  Teens that have played before Covid-19 had there life's straight, grades up while happily playing sports, going to there practices. This was the year...

Bottles of Gatorade on a shelf

Is Gatorade Really Good For You?

Jae-Kye Washington, Staff August 29, 2021

Gatorade is a sports drink that is popular worldwide. It was made for replacing athletes electrolytes after workouts but due to Gatorades popularity inactive people are making use of it by drinking it...

Zoomed up on football field

Football Highlights in the Past Month: August

Javier Torres, Staff August 27, 2021

Many things have occurred within sports over the past month. This pass month the football team has been practicing and getting ready for their season.  They have been practicing at their school, La Joya...

In this picture it shows a teacher teaching his students about the human skull.

Prepping Students Today, for Tomorrow’s Careers

Daisy Aguirre Castillo, Editor August 27, 2021

In order to figure out which career one would like to choose, at West-Mec a student or adult student can choose any of there listed programs like physical therapy technician. You are taught in visual,...

Upcoming Events At La Joya

Upcoming Events at La Joya

Ashley Morales, Staff August 27, 2021

Throughout the school year, La Joya hosts multiple events that students are able to socialize within. Whether it be in the PAC or just outside in the student parking lot, the events bring students some...

Top 5 summer games to play with your family

Top 5 summer games to play with your family

Enjoy these games with your family!!
Anthony Manzanares, Staff May 18, 2021

Hello to all of you wonderful people summer is almost here which means it’s time to play and party so here are my top 5 summer games for teens and adults. Starting off at number 5 we have volleyball...

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