Depression Roaming

Have you ever been sad before? Well imagine being sad with wanting to do things to harm yourself everyday and you don’t know how to handle it…. That’s depression. Depression is a mental illness. If left untreated can affect both the physical and mental attributes of whoever has it.

Depression can affect many things like judgment and focus. This is because when people are depressed they feel nothing but sadness so they try to cope which can be bad sometimes.

” Yes I have been depressed and it has affected my mindset by affecting my judgment of people in a negative way.” said Jazmin Torres

Most teens deal with a lot of things that can cause depression. It affects them mainly at places like at home and school. Depression can cause actions like bad behavior, self-injury, and suicide.They do this to try to cope with the mental pain that they have. Studies show that depression increases a person’s risk for attempting suicide by 12 times.

” Yes it has caused unexplainable behavior by making me act up in school and causing me to lose focus of everything because I was trying to cope” said Garrett Newman

Breakups can cause depression. This is because not only are they losing the one person they probably care about more than anyone else, they are also losing their identity as part of that couple and relationship that they involved all the essence of who they are into it and it hurts because of how much they invested. It probably kills them.

” When my boyfriend broke up with me I was devastated and I didn’t know how to handle it ” Said TyAnna Hamilton . 

In life there are times when you can and then times when you can’t handle the depression and when you can’t call the teen lifeline.

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