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The Stresses of Brain Cancer

The Stresses of Brain Cancer

Elysia Casillas, Staff

August 24, 2018

Throughout our lives, there will always be those hard times. Whether, its school exams, sports championships, or in some cases, brain cancer. There is this common misconception that cancer only affects the patients. Coming straight from Josefina Banda, (top-left) ,a primary lymphoma patient, has...

Phoenix Boy Removed From Flight

Phoenix Boy Removed From Flight

Katelyn Martinez

March 3, 2016

How would you feel if you were kicked off a plane and people clapped about it? 7 -year-old Giovanni, mother Christina Fabian, and father George Alvarado were supposed to be on the next flight back to Phoenix. That was all interrupted when Giovanni got hives and became itchy on the flight. "He...

R.I.P David Bowie

David Bowie performing.

Mikela Greenough

January 12, 2016

Born in London, England on January 8th, 1947, a renowned singer named David Bowie also known as David Robert Jones began an incredible life. Bowie started off his career with his first hit song, “Space Oddity”, that reached millions of fans through the language of music. This legend had created...

Bacon Bites Back: Does Meat Cause Cancer?

Bacon Bites Back: Does Meat Cause Cancer?

Melanie Gaxiola

November 2, 2015

There have been rumors floating around lately that the consumption of red meat can lead to a higher chance of getting certain kinds of cancer, but is there any truth to it? The idea that red meat could cause cancer took social media by storm and brought heart break to meat lovers everywhere. The...

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