The Stresses of Brain Cancer

The Misconception of Cancer


Elysia Casillas, Staff

Throughout our lives, there will always be those hard times. Whether, its school exams, sports championships, or in some cases, brain cancer.

There is this common misconception that cancer only affects the patients. Coming straight from Josefina Banda, (top-left) ,a primary lymphoma patient, has a few choice words to say:

“If I’m gone the only person it affects is my family because I will be gone. That makes me very sad for them.  I’m hoping to give them the best part of myself. I plan to live and fight.”

Mrs. Leslie Casillas, (bottom two), a second grade teacher at Collier Elementary, was diagnosed with Glioma. Her case is extraordinary because of the fact that her doctors couldn’t identify what grade level of cancer it had.

“I was handed a chart, not too long ago by my doctors. It is called the brain cancers stages. They told me that my tumor fell into several of the categories, which makes it harder to treat it specifically.”

The hospital that couldn’t identify her tumor was St. Joseph’s, Barrow Neurological Institute.

“The Brain Tumor Program at Barrow Neurological Institute at Dignity Health St.Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center is the largest and busiest brain tumor treatment clinic in the United States. Our neurosurgical oncologists, neuro-oncologists, and neuroradiologists have experience treating every kind of brain tumor.” said, Barrow Hospital official website.

Tumors can come in all shapes and sizes but all are a horrible to go through. Now that this information is out there, hopefully, this can change peoples minds about cancer, for the better.