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Joel Hewitt, Staff

The Sabre Personal Safe Alarm
The Sabre Personal Safe Alarm
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Phoenix- There have been many attacks of people being robbed or even hurt in many ways even ending up dead just by walking home or in a parking lot with no one else.  There were many studies and technology failures upon developing safety technology and lives were lost because of that but now a new device has been invented to alert surrounding people for help. These new devices are called safe personal alarms that have been developed to emit an extremely loud sound of about 120 decibels. That amount can lead up to 600 feet away.  This device is easy to use for quick accessibility for emergencies and small enough to stay out of sight in case of a potential threat from someone. Also, to make it even more secretive, it’s also equipped with a magnetic touch so you can store it in a car or have it available on a bike. One of these device’s biggest features is its motion sensibility, which can be turned on and off.  This feature is used to sense sudden and fast movement near the user which can go up to 5 meters away.

Key Ring Colors: Black, Pink, Red

A junior named Lindsay Ramos also from La Joya Community High School was asked what she thought of the Sabre Personal Safe Alarms.  She said

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                                 “They are loud and can be helpful. Not much necessary but again helpful. I’d rather get a free one.”   

A sophomore named Tatianna Bailey  who is also from la Joya Community High School was asked what she thought of the Sabre Personal Safe Alarms. She said

“They seen useful and I would get one if I ever had the chance.”

A graduate of La Joya Community High School named Caroline Swallow was asked if she heard of it and would she ever get one. She said

” I don’t really know what they are and they seem annoying but it is good for trying to get attention.”





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