Netflix is a great streaming service!

A streaming service that is widely available.

A streaming service that is widely available.

Anthony Calva, Staff

Top 10 Movies on Netflix

10. The Croods

9. The Smurfs 2

8. The Social Dilemma

7. Real Steel

6. Yogi Bear

5. Bad Teacher

4. Welcome To Sudden Death

3. Enola Holmes

2. The Outpost

1. American Murder: The Family Next Door

watch multiple devices at once!

Netflix is a great way to stream shows. It gives plenty of options and its pretty cheap! There are unlimited movies and shows and for 15,99 and streaming on multiple devices. there is an 8.99 package that is the same shows and movies just at a lower quality and only 1 screen at a time. Hopefully, anyone that has Netflix already can go enjoy these top Movies!

Netflix is easy to use and comparatively cheap to competitors.