Supporting Small Businesses


Aileen Trujillo, Staff

Over quarantine, many different small businesses rose up and came to the platform. From all different varieties like desserts, to cups, to keychains, to candy, etc. Many of the small businesses were teenagers trying to gain a little money on the side. For example, a senior at La Joya community high school, Daisy Aguirre started her own cup decorating business and seemed to hit it off well. Ray Sandoval even started his own car detailing business. And gets many appointments a day

“I started my business off over quarantine out of boredom but it seemed hit off well and IĀ get a lot of appointments a week,” Ray Sandoval

Supporting small businesses is a great way to support small local venders I personally even started buying drinks from a page called DRT Drinks @drtdrinks and when believe me when I say there are super delicious and definitely worth to give it a try.

“All my shopping is mostly done through small businesses especially during the holiday season,” Jazmin TorresĀ 

Many small businesses are only open because of us. and because of us they are able to provide more for their families. You dent even have to buy from them a simple like, comment, and repost can do so much. Let’s just appreciate everyone all around and help make someone’s day.

Here’s a list of a few small business ran by students here at La Joya






Make someone’s holiday season by shopping small, shopping locally.