Places to go to in Pheonix!

Laylana Vazquez, Staff

Sometimes I know we can get bored at times and you want to know new places you can go to in your free time but don’t know where, let me tell you so fun things you can do not only with family or friends but place to go by yourself. There are so many places located in Phoenix that are opening but not just opening but are open to go to! Some fan favorite places to go to are, west gate, movies, jump park, and many more. La Joya community high school spring sports are going to be starting soon you can come support our girls’ softball and also our boy’s baseball as well!

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There isn’t just sports here at La Joya community high school we also have other events. Some of the top-rated places to go to in Phoenix is Phoenix Art Museum they have lots of cool and different art. Next top-rated place is Phoenix Zoo. At the zoo it’s a nice place to go with family or even friends. Last top-rated place to go to is South Mountain Park it is a state park and also a fun place to go with anyone it’s a nice view, nice place to go hiking, and also a nice place just to get away and spend time with the people you love. All these places are meant to get away or have fun and make the best out of it like making new memories, laughing, and having fun.

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