Spring Cleaning


Estephanie Luque Inzunza

Spring cleaning if upon us

Estephanie Luque Inzunza, Staff

Spring Cleaning can help open up your living space and get rid of thing that you may not need or use. Donating or throwing away thing you do not use or need any more can help other and you. It could help other because they may need stuff you don’t. It could help you open up your space and can improve your mental health. Spring cleaning can be considered decluttering. Spring cleaning can help organize thing in neat shelves, boxes and containers.

Photo by Alena Koval: https://www.pexels.com/photo/hello-spring-handwritten-paper-920147/

Containers can help you keep track of how much stuff you have, and you can coordinate what you put in them. For example, you can put containers under your sink to put cleaning products so it could look neater, and you can see all the products you have. And while you organize you can clean the area and throw away the thing you no longer need.Deep Cleaning House Checklist: 5 Areas That Need a Deep Cleaning

A good thing to have is various type of cleaning products for different parts of your living space.  Also having other forms of certain cleaners. Like having disinfecting wipes and spray. So it could be used on multiple surfaces. You should always do your research on the cleaning products you should and should not use. There are many kind of cleaning products and some have bleach and you can not use bleach on everything.