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GSA: Get Involved Today!

Joshua Pyle, Staff October 25, 2021

Have you ever wanted to have the ability to belong to a group of people that wouldn't shame you or judge you because of your choice in sexuality or personality? Today I am Speaking with Mr. Callaway who...

How many Lobos have feelings of anxiety?

How many Lobos have feelings of anxiety?

Natalia Deciga Nunez, Staff September 26, 2021

From a recent survey done at La Joya, it’s been revealed that 59 percent of the Lobos that participated suffer with feelings of anxiety. What exactly is anxiety? Anxiety is the feeling of uneasiness,...

Some of the many students at La Joya.

How Returning to in-Person School has Helped Students & Teachers

Ashley Morales, Staff September 26, 2021

Students and teachers when asked their opinion about online learning will mostly give you the same response. Online learning for many, was an experience that gave us all a lot to think about and it is...

How to Add Light to Drawings in Adobe Photoshop

How to Add Light to Drawings in Adobe Photoshop

Kat Trevino , staff September 24, 2021

Adobe photoshop is one of the most powerful photo editing programs used for a while. Although its a  extremely useful tool there may be some learning curves.  There are multiple ways to draw in photoshop....

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The Weight of AP Classes

Are they worth the stress?
Hailey Jimenez, Editor September 17, 2021

AP classes hold a lot of benefits for those whom take these courses. However, the work load of these classes is tough to manage for many students. AP students juggle hours of homework added to their daily...

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Evolution: Games

How games attract players
Ericka Lindsay, Staff August 27, 2021

The internet has been a major part of everyday life, but nothing is dominating as much as games. So, what made games what we see them as today? How did these ideas become a big subject in people’s lives? "Ok...

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