Eye of the Lobo

The End of The Kapu System

Kealohalani Kauhako-Viernes, Staff

April 24, 2019

People often interpret things to be racist. For example a Luau is something everyone loves, it's a place to relax and enjoy one's self with the entertainment of hula. But whats the real meaning behind the word  Luau? Well today we're going to dig into the history and definition of the word Luau, an...

Upcoming Events in October

Upcoming Events in October

Kealohalani Kauhako-Viernes, staff

September 21, 2018

If you have nothing planned for next month then get your pencil ready to jot down three events happening in Arizona in the upcoming month. A Taste Of Greece is a three day event that will be held on the 5th, 6th, and 7th of October in Chandler, AZ. There you'll get to taste Greek food and a bit of...

Who Are We? An Inside Look on Diversity

Who Are We? An Inside Look on Diversity

Madelyn Martinez, Staff

February 15, 2017

With over 2,000 students currently enrolled, you're bound to see some amount of diversity at La Joya. Fortunately, students here are given opportunities to express and be themselves without judgement and Lobos on campus are able to see the blend of different cultures students bring. But what exactly...

Marc Jacobs Runway Controversy Ruining Reputation?

Photo: Umberto Fratini

Jessica Quintana, Staff

October 1, 2016

Marc Jacobs newest season during New York Fashion Week consisted of models wearing faux dreadlocks mainly on Caucasian girls, responding to commenters saying "And all who cry 'cultural appropriation' or whatever nonsense. . ." causing tension. Will this ruin Marc Jacobs reputation? Will it drop down...

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School