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A Story of Glass

A Story of Glass

Ericka Lindsay, Staff December 10, 2021

While Christmas is fast approaches the presents that are bought to bring joy to all, there’s one single present that tell a tale of epic proportions. This present is a glass that sees the past, present,...

The Real Story Behind Childrens Rhymes

The Real Story Behind Children’s Rhymes

and Arlo Dunmire April 19, 2021

Ring around the Rosie is a nursery rhyme we all heard. And if you somehow didn’t it goes as follows, "Ring around the Rosie pocket full of posies ashes, ashes we all fall down" But there’s actually...

History of Valentine’s Day

Karter Dunmire, Staff February 23, 2021

Valentines day is now widely known as a commercial holiday recognized for it's boxes of chocolates, gift giving, and proclamation's of love. But the holidays origins actually date back hundreds of years. The...

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