A Story of Glass

A Story of Glass

Ericka Lindsay, Staff

While Christmas is fast approaches the presents that are bought to bring joy to all, there’s one single present that tell a tale of epic proportions. This present is a glass that sees the past, present, and future for all to see as its Ornament fitting to all. Despite its look it not most appealing gift to receive but if you are look at closely it’s clear to see. All the memories, stories, history dance in these works of art the surround the tall pine tree.

A fabric made ornament in the shape of a snow globe with red house with snow on its roof.

You can even make them out of paper or any materials you have at home just carefully.

If you want to make them out of paper here’s few steps to start off.

The first thing you want to do get a general picture of the kind of ornament you want and make a rough sketch of it on paper.

Then get any supplies you need mainly some light or hollow so it’s easy to carry and doesn’t drag or snap a branch.

You can start to assemble the ornament of your choosing and make it however you like.

For a 3-D like look you make two sides of ornament drawing then make a thin wall to connect the two pieces. For this I suggest you make something with sharp edge since paper can be hard to work with.

For any other affects like lights or color you can make design adjustment as you go.

Also make sure you have fun Ornament making seems like it’s a chore but it’s amazing craft for all to everyone, so why not go and explore the world of ornaments in local stores or even one in person to learn more on this beautiful spectacle craft.