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The Effects Online Learning has on Mental Health

The Effects Online Learning has on Mental Health

Isaac Taylor, Staff

October 8, 2020

Avondale-Online learning has impacted students in many ways since Covid-19 has spread across the globe. This is because many of the things just suddenly happened and we weren't adequately prepared for what might happen and this changed the students lives suddenly and drastically causing the students to...

Eye Bags: I Shouldn’t Have Them This Young

The rode to recovery is long but you'll get through it

Sonia Leyva, Staff

August 30, 2016

90% of students who have committed suicide had an underlying mental illness. Many of you may not be aware that the people around you are struggling to cope with an illness and are quite good at suppressing their feelings, whether it be anxiety, depression and eating disorders etc. Each one can deteriorate...

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