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Ways to Dress Up Your Lobo Outfits

Ways to Dress Up Your Lobo Outfits

Taeya Benally, Staff

August 27, 2018

It's a new school year! Which means football games, spirit week and assembly's. It's the best time to show off your school spirit. La Joya students are always looking for new ways to gain more school spirit, with school finally starting here are some ideas to show off your La Joya spirit. Paint ...

Do You Have School Spirit?

Do You Have School Spirit?

Mia Lopez, Staff

September 11, 2016

Students today have this perception that having school spirit is not cool, but why? Is it because many don’t really know what spirit is or is it because there is no one really around trying to encourage them to have spirit? Everyday, students are surrounded by their teacher, so what happens if the...

Shhh… It’s a secret

Thing 1 and thing 2

Liliana Sanchez

October 11, 2015

Spirit week is a fun week dedicated to students to dress up and show school spirit, but did you know that teachers have a secret spirit week all to themselves. Teachers want to show school spirit as well, but no one knows about it because it is a secret. Their spirit week was a week after homecoming...

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