How Dogs Make Humans Happier

These furry little friends make us happier how?


This is Yasmin’s Labrador golden retriever mixed with husky, Khalid.

Hailey Jimenez, Staff

Yasmin Mayberry is a student at La Joya Community High School in Avondale Arizona. She has two dogs, Khalid who she got three years ago, and Mocha who she got three months ago.

This is Yasmin’s teacup Chihuahua, Mocha.
This is Mocha in the arms of her sister.

Studies show that dogs have an effect on human bodies and brains by increasing levels of oxytocin which cause feelings of relaxation reducing stress and anxiety. According to Yasmin, her dogs distract her from her problems.

“They get all my focus and make me forget about my problems,” said Yasmin when asked about how her dogs distract her. She also said that her dogs “take up most of my day.”

Dogs tend to have a positive impact on humans by not only making them happier but also more active. Yasmin describes her health before and after getting her dogs.

When asked how she was mentally before she got her dogs, she said, “I was lazy and wanted to do nothing.” When asked how she was mentally after she got her dog she said “I was more active and wanted to get outdoors more.”

Usually, getting a dog helps people with depression and anxiety. Having a dog during a global pandemic and being on lockdown is useful because they bring light to the situation. Yasmin describes how Khalid and Mocha have helped her during the lockdown.

This is Khalid

“They keep me going by walking them and feeding them and playing with them they always give me something to do,” said Yasmin when asked how her dogs have kept her going during the virus.

Besides from barking and running around, these furry little friends are life changers and bring light to almost every situation.