Talking Tunes with A.L.J.

Stephen Buchanan, Video Editor In-Chief









In October, I was able to interview a music producer called A.L.J Musik who gave me a lot of tips and a peek as to how his life looks in his field of work and study: Music Production. A.L.J. became interested in Music Production in 2016 by experimenting with a music app on his iPad. He says “thanks to the Pad music app, I wanted to make the patterns of songs, and [now] that’s what I do,” (A.L.J.) He also goes into detail about some struggles he faced in his self-taught findings, and lists some skills he feels would best equip a Beginning Music Producer. A.L.J. Musik goes to inform us that the best skills we could bring to the industry are to love music, be detailed, read a little on Music Theory, want to learn more, and be consistent. He also states “the most important thing to have is the ability to dedicate hours and hours without getting tired,” (A.L.J.) Though he equipped himself with the best tools and lessons possible for his work, he reassures us that he too still runs into problems. When asked about problems he faces in his line of work, he stated that he faces a bit of problems with finding the right sounds for some projects

he works on, which will happen from time to time, along with a huge penalty to free time. But surely with all of the skill requirements and consistency, there’s a reason why people stay in the field! A.L.J. talked about the benefits of Music Production and why he personally stays in the field himself. For Music Producers looking to gain popularity or a media following, A.L.J. states that social life thrives in his line of work when he gets to meet like-minded musical producers and artists. And to finish it off, he also states that what he likes the most about Music Production is “being able to make music, transmit a message with each song,  and collaborate with other artists with the envision that music creates,” (A.L.J.) I wish A.L.J. the best and hoped he inspired some young potential musical geniuses!