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A Story of Glass

A Story of Glass

Ericka Lindsay, Staff December 10, 2021

While Christmas is fast approaches the presents that are bought to bring joy to all, there’s one single present that tell a tale of epic proportions. This present is a glass that sees the past, present,...

Inspiriting Through Color: Silhouette Drawings

Inspiriting Through Color: Silhouette Drawings

Ericka Lindsay, Staff October 29, 2021

October is a month where all the ghouls and spirits come out but it’s not just about the costumes even art can give a chill down your spine. Art is a mixed bag of candy with goodies for everyone. With...

Gecko Based Pokémon drawing

A pocket of creation: How to make your own Pokémon?

Ericka Lindsay, Staff September 23, 2021

Since its creation in 1995 Pokémon has been sweeping the world with all of its very unique designs. But how exactly do you make your own? A fan-made Pokémon or a Fake Mon as the community calls it. They...

The evolution of art

The evolution of art

Estephanie Luque Inzunza, Staff September 21, 2021

There are multiple forms of art since the beginning of time like, Prehistoric Art and Ancient Art. These types of art are 40,000 B.C to 4,000 A.D years old. In the past they used to use their statues...


How To Draw And Color Flowers

Drawing flowers!!!!
Nathalie Neri, I'm a poet, artist and writer. May 18, 2021

  Hello there,  My name is Nathalie Neri, and as you can tell by the title, I'll be showing you how to draw simple sketches of flowers. These are rough sketches, meaning I'm not using my...

Creating A Winter Themed Painting

Creating A Winter Themed Painting

Corina Renteria, Staff December 16, 2020

Hey Lobos, today I thought I would tell you how to create a winter themed painting.   You will Need: Paint brushes (One big flat brush, one small, and then a fan brush) Acrylic...

Gobble Gobble Treat

Nathalie Neri, I'm a poet, artist and writer. November 18, 2020

As we all know, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Today I'll be showing you how to make a Thanksgiving treat. Now these treats will suit the Thanksgiving Turkey vibes. What You Need: Mini...

Talking Tunes with A.L.J.

Stephen Buchanan, Video Editor In-Chief November 16, 2020

                In October, I was able to interview a music producer called A.L.J Musik who gave me a lot of tips and a peek as to how...

Artists in Quarantine

Victoria talks about being an artist while stuck at home because of COVID-19.
Roman Sierra Rafael, Staff October 5, 2020

I had the chance to sit down with Victoria Campillo, a senior this year, and talk to her about being an art student while stuck in quarantine. "The type of art that I do [include]: Landscape, kinda...

Arizona Lowrider Super Show

Arizona Lowrider Super Show

Nicole Cuellar, Staff November 19, 2019

GLENDALE- Arizona Lowrider Super Show isa big show that has been happening since 1980. The Arizona Lowrider Super Show has been something many people come from around to the world to either see...

6-year-old Thrown Off London Tate Art Gallery

6-year-old Thrown Off London Tate Art Gallery

Elysia Casillas, Video Editor in Chief September 5, 2019

LONDON- Monday, August 5th, the Washington Post and the New York Times both well-known news stations; published an article titled "UK Authorities charge teen after 6-year-old thrown from Tate." A...

2019 Streetwear Brands

2019 Streetwear Brands

Streetwear Brands to Look Out For
Brandon Seng, Staff March 22, 2019

Gosha Rubchinskiy Russian photographer-slash-designer Gosha Rubchinskiy’s name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. However, the fact his eponymous label is tricky to say (it’s goh-shah rub-chin-skee,). hasn’t...

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