Streaming Services Taking Over the Television

Streaming Services Usage Rising, Cable on the Rocks


John-Mark Smith

Netflix is on the television

Ricardo Vazquez, Staff

Streaming services have been taking over regular broadcasting/ cable, in the U.S in recent years.  The popularity and acceptability are easy to get people into streaming over cable. The numbers for both have risen during quarantine because everyone has stayed home.

The reasons why people prefer streaming services over broadcasting are that cable locks you into a strict annual contract with a cancel fee, with streaming services it’s more flexible with their monthly fees, you can cancel at any time. Ads on streaming services are minor compared to the ads provided on cable platforms with the highest average watch time of ads is 17.49 minutes per hour.

” I prefer streaming services over cable because they’re more shows and movies on streaming services that you cannot watch on cable, also a lot of cable shows can also be found on streaming services,” said Senior Marvin Flores

During the pandemic streaming service accelerated in numbers, with more people staying home the more people are on the television. People at home were locked in the house during the pandemic, they flocked to watch something on the television.

“I prefer streaming services cause I get to choose what I’m watching over having to flip between a bunch of channels looks for something I like,” said Senior Alex Covert

A tv turn on in the background, in the foreground the remote
The TV has gotten turned on by the remote (espensorvik)

With a starter plan with cable, it will cost you 60$ per month with additional fees and a cancel fee. With a basic plan on Netflix Netflix, it would cost 7.99 with no additional fees and no cancel fee.

“Yeah, I watch streaming services, because I can choose to get certain shows instead of paying a higher price and getting a bunch of channels I won’t use,” said Senior Javier Obeso.