Winter Break: Cultural Traditions

Joshua Pyle, Staff

Have you ever come across a family whose traditions seemed different or even a little abnormal to you? Today, we are interviewing Ms. Bromberek, Senora Locker, Mr. Denis who are all teachers at La Joya Community High School.

In today’s society, it seems that people tend to forget about others tradition and lean towards their own. In the world, there are many different traditions. When it comes to traditions during the holiday season, there is no rules. People have the freedom to celebrate however they wish. Whether that be to be with family, celebrate alone or to not even celebrate at all. There are many, many ways to celebrate. The point is, how do you choose to celebrate?

Dragonfly Ave

Ms. Bromberek was asked how they like to spend their holiday seasons.

Ms. Bromberek said, “My parents put up roughly 8-9 trees. Each tree has different themes. One has ornaments from when we were kids. We have a red and white tree, a teacup Christmas tree, and many others. We start decorating on November 1st. When it gets closer to Christmas, we start to make our desserts. On Christmas Eve, we go to church. We always open 1 present on Christmas Eve which is new pajamas. We open presents together and have a big Christmas dinner. We usually do Polish stuff for dinner like Polish sausages, etc..

Senora Locker was asked how they like to spend their holiday season.

Senora Locker said, “In a place where there is snow. If whatever my husband is with me, that is the perfect place, it makes it magical. Always, there must be at least 1 traditional dish from my culture.”

Mr. Denis was asked how they like to spend their holiday season.

Mr. Denis said, “So, growing up we had a tradition of going to a restaurant that did Christmas Carols on Christmas eve during lunch time. We always celebrated and it was fun to see family and hangout.”

Kimberly O’Blenes

Now since we heard from some of the lovely teachers from La Joya, we have just one question. Do you like to spend time with family and do you celebrate the holidays?