True Life of a Thug: Nov. 11, 2015

The daily life of Dasey Berrueta


November 11, 2015

Today is the day to say thank you to someone who has fought for our country. Today is Veteran’s Day. The day to honor an individual who fell in love with this country, for better, or worse. Veterans are those who do what they must, in spite of personal consequences, obstacles, dangers, and pressures. I made sure I did my part and reached out to all those who I knew fought for our country. It was such an amazing moment when I heard stories about their experience. Some of them have been through so much, but still manage to fight for our country. I talked to a family who lost someone so close to them. He was a husband, a brother, and a father to an amazing family who never forgets what he did for them. His youngest daughter has her mind set to join the army when she turns 18 to follow her father’s footsteps. A day like today brings back memories for some while others get tears to their eyes. Having to go through losing someone who is fighting for our country must be hard and difficult.  All veterans deserve our appreciation, our love as well as our prayers every day of the year. It is only right to honor those who protect us every day of our lives. I learned so many life lessons today from the stories I was being told. Happy Veteran’s Day to all those who were brave enough to fight for us through the years.