Time For The Champ

Jesus Solano

Did you miss out in the semifinals this weekend? Well just to let you know Pumas And Tigers passed to the finals they well be played on Thursday December 10 and Sunday December 13 the first game will be home on Tigers field second game will be hosted at Pumas home field. Tigers is favored to win these games, because the horrible game that Pumas played against América. Pumas played a amazing game the first game they won 3-0 and all three goals were amazing they unstoppable goals no way the goalkeeper could’ve saved those. Then the second game came and wow they played such a horrible game. América had control of the whole game first half they scored 2 goal and they were scored by the same person which was Carlos Darwin Quintero he was the hope of América but he didn’t make all the goals they needed to pass so sadly they did not pass. So people say América played really good but then they say Pumas played super bad which is true. They had a 3-0 win from the first and then the next game they lost 3-1 so the overall score was 4-3 that score means that Pumas goes to the finales because they won by one goal. Even though the game was tough and got out of control Pumas managed to keep their heads and not go to the other level like América who got 2 players kicked out of the game and Pumas stayed clamed and kept all there players on the field. Now for that they move on to the finals with their whole full squad against Tigers they have a very strong team. We well have to wait and see for the final score on Sunday.