Working Off Tickets: SB1117

Celia Kramer

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Starting January 2nd, all people unable or unwilling to pay off any tickets (parking, speeding, etc.) through community service. This is possible through Senate Bill 1117, recently passed here in Arizona.

This new law also allows court costs and fees and other restitution to be paid off. For every hour of community service, $10 of the original fee will be paid off.

We asked several Peoria residents their opinions on the new law and here’s what they had to say.

Peoria resident Dawn Kramer said, “I think it’ll help the community and the people in it all around. It helps the community because it makes it cleaner and whatnot, but also it helps out the people in it because they may not have the money to pay off their fees.”

Peoria resident Diana Downey had to say, “I think that’s great. It makes people responsible for their actions. Instead of having excuses as to why they can’t pay off their tickets, they can go and work it off.”

Paige Downey, a Peoria High School student, believes “it is a great idea because since I am a student and don’t have many ways to get money for the things that I need, I have this new option where I can pay off a ticket–if I ever find myself in that situation.”

Overall, this new law seems to satisfy Arizona residents. Not only does it help students, but also people who work daily to support their families. Maybe this law will even motivate people not to break the law, seeming as it takes time out of their days instead of money out of their pockets.