Leave it in 2015

2016 for the win!

Jahnez Wong, Editor in Chief

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Leave all the negative and unnecessary things in 2015.

No more “challenges” that are demeaning and life threatening to people. That means no challenges that make your lips ridiculously bigger to match it with a known celebrity. Or inviting demons names Charlie into your house and being surprised when the pencil that isn’t leveled “all of a sudden” moves.

Another negative and unnecessary thing is the man who’s hair tries to leave him from time to time. Yes, that man is none other than Mr. Donald Trump. People are so into the hype that Mr. Trump brings but it’s pure delusion. We let famous people be our idols but they do nothing for the community. Caitlyn Jenner’s hype in her sex change is a perfect example. Let’s leave that in 2015.

Keep all the racism and hatred in 2015, don’t bring it back into the new year. There has been so many uncalled for deaths due to a person’s skin color or how they identify themselves. The bloodshed stops here because if it doesn’t there will be no more blood to spill.

With that in mind, can we please leave all the videos of people being beat up senseless. World star has died down since 2013 but the documented brutality has yet to cease. We take part in these altercations not by actually doing something about, but instead watching and recording it. It’s madness.

Also leave that sense of entitlement that we millennial’s seem to posses. No one owes you anything. In life there are no hand outs, you don’t get to take a free pass and live happy. No, you work for what you want and if you can’t get it, you work harder.

A lot of aspects of 2015 were not depicted in the best light but there were a lot of innovative situations that happened. On March 31, 2015, marriage equality was passed in the United States. It was a gateway to help bettering the LGBTQ community. Also the Ice Bucket Challenge that migrated from 2014 to 2015, helped bring knowledge and money for Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS).

There was Iyaz bringing electricity to 600 million people in Africa. Also the amount of love and compassion that we had for each other when something tragic happened. The Paris, Mexico, Japan, Korea, and Bagdad attacks that happened in a course of a few days. Even around the world we stood as one. Let’s keep that hope alive this year.

A new year means it’s time to start over, but with starting over it doesn’t mean you get to make the same mistakes. A “rebirth” if you will, a clean slate in which you done nothing wrong but you still can. Make this year the best you can and not a repeat of 2015.

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