La Joya Media: The Update


Christian Deadwlyer, Staff

La Joya Community High School will be updating and using its social media accounts in 2017-2018 more than it has previously. The media department at La Joya has big plans for the upcoming year for social media.

Students at La Joya have complained about the lack of social media and the lack of interaction on the social media sites La Joya uses. La Joya plans to make the school social media accounts more inclusive and interactive for the entire student body.

“I feel like I’d get more involved at school if the school used social media better,” said Jeff.

The student wishes to remain anonymous because the pride at La Joya is apparent, and the student doesn’t want to feel like an outcast.

Jeff said, “La Joya has a lot of pride, and I love that. I just feel like its hard for me to get involved without joining a club or something.”

Many students want to be involved, but with jobs and family, many don’t have time to join a club. High school life isn’t just on campus. The majority of students see school as their main priority, but getting involved hasn’t been pushed as a priority.

“I’ve got a job I love, and I feel bad for having to choose,” said Jeff.

The media department will be using snapchat and Instagram more this year, and will be making it more interactive, so La Joya will get rid of that need to choose. Soon everyone will be able to keep up with what’s going on at La Joya, and students will be more informed.

* Name changed to protect the anonymity of the student.