Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

Varsity Football

Football equals resilience

Marissa Miranda, Editor/Staff February 4, 2024

Our La Joya Community High School Football team, coached by Coach Beene, has done an outstanding job in this year's 2023-2024 football season. Our Junior Varsity, Jv football team has made such remarkable...

The reason it started

Ashanty Morales, Staff February 1, 2024

Nina Saunders is a sophomore world history teacher, she just started teaching here at La Joya in August of 2023. Nina used to teach at Estrella High School and transferred to La Joya because she loved...

The Effect of Texting and Driving

The Effect of Texting and Driving

Ashanty Morales, Staff January 22, 2024

Texting and driving is something many people do these days. Whether it be calling, texting or just looking at social media while you are driving. All of this causes something to happen around them. When...

Always a good time to play.

Kiera Holden, Editor October 2, 2023

On Thursday, August 2023 Ms. Pratt was interviewed about her career. And we talked about what inspired her to start coaching for volleyball. She then said was she started playing when she was 5 years old,...

It’s really important that people don’t limit themselves

Ashanty Morales, Staff September 26, 2023

This year Bryce Highsmith-Reyes was interviewed in August 2023 and is the French teacher here at La Joya. Mr. Highsmith-Reyes has been teaching at La Joya for 5 years and has really enjoyed teaching French...

More than a school

Genesis Perez Cabrera, Staff September 25, 2023

      Miss. Ramlawi originally from Michigan born in Detroit and grew up in the suburbs just outside of Detroit. Essentially, living in Arizona for about 20 years, which means she had traveled here...

Veterans Day

Veteran’s Day

Israel Cervantes, Staff December 2, 2022

Veterans Day is a holiday celebrated in the United States. Celebrated annually on November 11, its is celebrated for honoring military veterans all around the world. The first celebration using the...

Why did students grades drop over the years?

Why did student’s grades drop over the years?

Edwin Segura Rivera, Staff March 1, 2022

I think there are many reasons why student's grades drop. Some may say is has to do with sleeping or it has to do with how smart they are or are the kids even trying? I see it happen a lot because I'm...

Watching tv

Top Fall movies to watch!

Cristina Torres Pineda, Photo Editor December 6, 2021

Hey lobos if you want to know what movies to watch during the fall season then keep reading! Here are some recommendations of movies you can watch with family or friends. which is Coco, ET, Charlie...

An Intro To Special Effects

An Intro To Special Effects

Arlo Dunmire, Yearbook editor November 4, 2021

The world of special effects may seem like a daunting one to enter, you may think that there's no possible way you can afford the fake blood, scar wax, or other supplies needed for it. Although many people...

They are costumes that a group of teen can wear

Teen Costumes for big groups

Anyssia, Editor October 29, 2021

Welcome my fellow lobos did you know that their are many cool costumes you can use for this year Halloween they are trendy cute and funny. Always remember if you are traveling in big a group for Halloween...

Beware of the Skull

The Exorcist VS The Conjuring

Cristina Torres Pineda, Editor October 29, 2021

Hey there lobos did you know that the Exorcist was a movie that came out 1973 and It's about a 12 year old girl who gets possessed by a demonic soul and the parents seek for help. While the conjuring:...

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