The Next Best Spider-Man Game


There is a new Spider-Man game being developed by Insomniac games that is a PS4 exclusive releasing on September 7 2018.
Many students in our generation are playing video games most days. Everyone enjoys different types of games, such as first person shooters, battle royal, superhero, etc.

Many of the hero games we play, developers make very well, but the one that developers can never get right are the Spider-Man games. Spider-Man is a very popular hero, but his games are even more popular.  This game has had screenshots, trailers, and gameplay released in the last two months. People have been nervous that the game is going to fail the one thing, that most Spider-Man games can’t get right, which is web-swinging. Many people have been comparing the web-swinging in the new game to Activision’s Spider-Man 2 which was released June 28, 2004. The graphics are very old but the webs connect to the buildings, the swinging is fluid and momentum is there. In the gameplay people have seen with Insomniac’s Spider-Man, the webs connect to buildings, players can transition from web-swinging to running up the side of buildings smoothly.

Interviewee Ashton Longenecker said, “I’ve only played like two Spider-Man games since I’ve been playing games, but I think the new one is living up to it’s full potential based off what I been seeing from IGN”.

A big problem people are having with the game is that it is only on PlayStation 4. Not even is a fan of PlayStation and own an XBOX or a PC. It’s very unfortunate to those who don’t own a PlayStation and are enormous fans of the Web-Slinger.

Interviewee Adrian Norton said, “I know one thing, I’m lucky I got a PS4. I feel bad for those who are fans but don’t have the system for them. I find it a bit unfair. I know you love XBOX, Legendary but you’re very lucky you chose PS4”.

The developer of Spider-Man went out on Twitter and said,

“Spider-man is a Marvel property and Sony “doesn’t do” multiplatform games.”

Spider-Man is just a few weeks away so future Web-Slingers, get your web shooters ready, and plan your quips.