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How Stan Lee Affected People

How Stan Lee Affected People

Isaac Taylor, Staff

December 17, 2018

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Stan lee affected many different lives all around the world. He co-created Spider-Man, the Hulk, Doctor Strange, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Daredevil, Thor, the X-Men, and many other fictional characters, introducing a thoroughly shared universe into superhero comic books. He also had many cameos ...

The New Mary Jane Watson Is Who?

The New Mary Jane Watson Is Who?

Chloe Enero, Staff

August 31, 2016

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As we all know, Mary Jane Watson is the belle and love interest of our friendly neighbor the Amazing Spider-Man. Peter Parker’s love interest has always been portrayed by a white female in all previously produced Spider-Man films; Kristen Dunst as Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man (2002) and Emma Stone...

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