Eye of the Lobo

“I Have Nothing To Wear”- Said Every Girl/Boy Ever

Katelyn Viray, Editor

August 26, 2018

For many people, it's hard finding the perfect outfit. We all have a bundle of clothes hanging, folded in our closet but sometimes, that's not enough. It's all there but still, nothing. Maybe the clothing piece doesn't flatter our body, not dress code appropriate or thinking it looked cute at the tim...

Fashion Setting Trends

Fashion Setting Trends

Karla Aguilar

December 14, 2015

Try to start off this season with some killer trends to spice up your outfits. Getting daring and creative can make getting dressed a lot more exciting. 1. Ripped Jeans are the New Hot Denim {cdforbes.tumblr.com} There's many reasons as to why someone should wear ripped jeans, but simply know th...

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