Top 5 summer games to play with your family

Enjoy these games with your family!!


Anthony Manzanares, Staff

Hello to all of you wonderful people summer is almost here which means it’s time to play and party so here are my top 5 summer games for teens and adults.

Starting off at number 5 we have volleyball I am horrible at this game but overall, it’s still a fun game to play with your family.

And for number 4 we have badminton if you have enough people over who want to play this it could be very fun. It’s especially fun to win against those super competitive family members.

Coming in at number 3 we have sponge pass, some of you might have played this game on field day back in elementary school, what you do is you get a team of 5-6 people then you line up

with a bucket full of water in the front of the line then an empty bucket at the back and you soak up water with the sponge and pass it to the person behind you over your head to see who fills up the empty bucket the most wins.



For number 2 we have water kickball, me personally I haven’t played this version of kickball yet, but I would love too it’s basically just kick ball but with kiddy pools for the bases and you run along a tarped path. Over all it looks super fun so you should try it.

And at number 1 we have water balloon fights you can do just a normal water balloon fight, or you can separate the balloons into colors and make it a team game, but sometimes it’s always fun to just do a good old water balloon fight. Anyway those are your top 5 games to play in summer so go out there and have some fun!