Spellbreak: The New Unique Battle Royal Game

Is this new idea of a battle royal worth even putting time into?


Sadiq Spaight, Staff

Spell Break is a free-to-play cross-platform third-person shooter but with a twist instead of berating your opponents with bullets, you instead use magic. In spell break to defeat your opponents, you used gauntlets to cast spells, runes for extra abilities, and some game knowledge.

  • Spells
    • In spell break, you can use your bare hands to cast low damage blast at your enemies, but to pack a punch, the game lets you choose a gauntlet to start with before you go into a match. Gauntlets allow the player to cast spells of varying elements (Ice, Fire, Earth, Electricity, wind, and Toxic). when you get into the match you can carry another gauntlet allowing you to cast two spells of different elements.
  • Runes
    • Runes are special abilities that you can find throughout the map these abilities can go from extended flight, teleportation, time manipulation, invisibility, and many more. these abilities are mostly used for locating other players or disengaging from a fight.
  • Gauntlet Combos
    • Spell break has more in-depth fighting gameplay than you would expect. Since every player will be carrying two gauntlets some spells can interact with others for example a tornado and fireball spell can make a fire tornado. This system allows players to experiment with all the gauntlets and test out combos that work with their play style
  • Conclusion
    • Spell break has so many nuances that it’s hard to list them all but figuring out little tricks and ways to get ahead of the other players is a part of the fun. If you want to give this game a try it’s available on all platforms for free.